In 2008 I started freelancing as a graphic designer helping whoever I could. In time, I noticed that every designer was doing the same thing — applying their design preference to projects and forcing it down clients’ throats, leading to countless revisions and misalignment. That’s because there isn’t any business training for designers in college — to me, that system is broken.
It wasn’t until I learned from an Emmy award winning designer that it isn’t just about “making it look pretty” — it is about understanding the world of business to create projects that truly matter to you, and your audience. I am constantly learning more about the entrepreneurial industry to provide better value and more impactful creations.
In short, my goal is to provide design solutions, powered by strategy, to motivated entrepreneurs in a fun, productive environment with professionalism and wit. Helping you feel comfortable, included, and excited about the future of your business.
I will also challenge anyone to a game of Seinfeld scene-it. My fandom runs that deep.​​​​​​​
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